About Me

Mark Evans Photography Ltd specializes in a casual and candid style of wedding photography capturing the event in a photo journalist style which expresses the day and the passion as it happens making being in front of the camera a relaxed affair.

Having a passion for the outdoors and alpine and water sports gives Mark the chance to get to those amazing spots in various locations around New Zealand and the world to photograph unique landscapes and present them on various different medias, from the internet to large canvases, this also provides great opportunities for the film industry looking for filming locations.

He also engages in various commercial areas and is available to photograph any Real Estate, Architecture and land development.

Mark has photographed many corporate events over the years and can provide solutions for full coverage of any event with a number of superb photographers on hand to assist if required to cover various locations

An exciting new product is the ability to set up time-lapse cameras on virtually any type of construction site or event. Watch your building site come out of the ground or event being set up to being packed down with everything in between. Time-lapse can be from a few hours to a couple of years.

Having been in the adventure tourism industry for over 14 years he has developed the skills and comfort to work at heights, be it hanging off a building, bridge, rock face or helicopter to capture the image that is required for events or for business purpose. The hard to get and unique image!!